Friday, November 13, 2009

Food does not taste same with dentures?

i had to get a full upper denture and absolutely hate it. It's been in since dec 13, the texture of some foods turns me off. I have bben trying to eat food without the denture because nothing tastes the same and its making me depressed. the denture also dosesnt feel secure and i still have the stitches in ( because there were no more appointments til after the New year.

They told me not to secure my immediate denture to my mouth with that denture stuff until I get my re-lign done.

I fear my denture will fall out and cause me embarassment.

Also I have 2 sore spots, which wont get done until after Jan 4th which is my appointment

denture breathe is also unpleasant. I brush and use mouth wash, so do you have to rinse with mouth wash several times a day so as not to have bad breath? Or is it because I still have stitches in and some sore spots?

I really hate these things,could not afford implants, dont know if I'm going to be able to live with them %26amp; food is no longer enjoyable

Food does not taste same with dentures?
the reason food does not taste the same with dentures (especially an upper) is because belive it or not, there are tastebuds on the roof of your mouth. not the same ones that are on your tounge, but there are some up there. once your upper palate gets used to the dentures, your taste will come back. as far as the sore spots, there shouldnt be any. at your next appointment, tell them about the sore spots, and they will have to adjust the dentures in the office where they are rubbing your gums. (they will do this right in the office, they wont have to send them off)...with the bad breath, it is probally due to the sore spots, and stitches. if it continues, you can get a specail mouth wash from your dentist to help with this. it sounds to me, like your dentist was in a hurry in getting these dentures done for you, and probally didnt do as good of a job as he should have. keep going back, untill they are comfortable to you, and he gets them right. they should be of no hassle for you, and should not make you miserable. they do take some getting used to, but if the dentist does his job right, there should be no problems. i was a dental assistant for about a year, and i've seen patients come back several times, because the dentist would not listen to the patient, and did whatever it took to get them out of the office for that day. i've also seen many dentists, take the impressions of the gums for the dentures right after pulling the last few teeth, which dosent make sense, because after getting your teeth pulled, the gums will swell...and after a few weeks of not having teeth, your gums will shrink. they do this, to save time, and to skip a step, and to get your dentures to you as soon as possible. i've seen several horror stories like yours, and what it comes down to is the work of the dentist. if the problems persists, and you cant get adjusted to your dentures, i would see another dentist. i hope this helps, good luck
Reply:i know what you are feeling i have a snap in front teeth due to i broke my jaw by a horse and knocked out my front teeth food does not taste the same any more to me i ended up eating more spicy foods..i rise with mouth wash and brush after every thing i eat if your keeping you mouth clean your stitches should not smell ..but dont get me wrong some times they do.there is also stuff the soak your denture in... and paste that you can get in the tooth paste area that you put on the top of you denture to keep them from falling out and some are minty smelling... if the sore spots will go away your gums aren't used to it yet but if they dont go to your dentist i hate them to I'm getting implants done this up coming months and it took me 1 yr to save up the cash payin 1200 a tooth but if you can get the money for that one day do it its going to be so worth it!!!
Reply:I have dentures and I was the same way, but that will change quicker than you realize. You should really keep your teeth in even though it hurts or your when the swelling goes down in your gums your teeth won't fit right. The sore spots you have are where the dentures are rubbing on your swollen gums. That happened to me, and the dentist kept grinding my dentures down so that wouldn't happen and by time the swelling went down, then my dentures were too loose. Keep your dentures in, don't let your dentist grind or like sand your dentures and your gums will shrink to fit your teeth and you won't have to use the denture cream (or glue as I call it). The bad taste in your mouth is because of the stitches and your gums being swollen. That'll go away also. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
Reply:i have also heard that there are tastebuds on the roof of your mouth...and just coming out of surgery....means they are sore and not functioning properly....give it some time....your taste should come back!!!...happy holidays!!!
Reply:I hope your dentist discussed with you about the lack of taste that you were going to experience for few days until you got used to your upper dentures. Meantime, you can get some OTC gel for sore points on your gums. Implant dentures of course would have been the best as it leaves the palate open to enjoy food. However, try search internet if there is any ongoing Affordable Best Deal Offer Dental Care Clinics.

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